How the stupid gets mainstreamed

Fucking actuarial tables, how do they work?

They include gradually raising the retirement age to compensate for the fact that we now live, on average, 14 years longer than when F.D.R. signed Social Security into law.

Look, I don’t expect Alan Simpson to understand this stuff; he’s a pissed-off old dude who would be shouting at people for stepping over the line on the shuffleboard court if Obama hadn’t stupidly plucked him out of retirement to give him another crack at fucking the country over. Plus, before he lost his mind to age he was a senator, which is a job that anybody with half a functioning brain is disqualified from getting. But Bill Keller until recently was executive editor of the New York Fucking Times and is actually believed by his readers to be able to tell the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground. And so I’d love to know how it’s possible that Bill Keller doesn’t realize that “life expectancy at birth” is the wrong statistic for this particular argument, and that the correct statistic, “life expectancy at age 65,” shows that the increase he’s talking about is roughly half of what he says it is.



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