Good for the goose

Now that McCarthyite (No, wait! McCarthy was a Patriot! Must keep wingnut memes straight!) noted communist infiltrator and pederast Harry Reid has had the temerity to suggest that Mitt “Mitt” Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns stems from the possibility that he didn’t have to pay any taxes despite his obscene wealth, wingnuts the world over are OUTRAGED at this baseless attack against a political figure without any evidence to back it up. I thought, in the spirit of comprehensively tackling the problem of unsubstantiated allegation being treated as serious accusation when leveled against those seeking high office, I would helpfully list several other instances of exactly the same sort of thing that have been foisted upon the public over the last couple of decades. Unfortunately it’s not comprehensive, but at least it gets us started:

None of this is to say that what Reid is doing is necessarily right, or good, just that, hey, this is the way politics is done nowadays and it’s the people complaining loudest about Reid who are the ones who created this environment. The expectation that Democrats should be better than this even though Republicans are not, or that Democrats should unilaterally concede the “making shit up” ground to Republicans no matter how effective it proves to be, is naive at best, and comically ludicrous when it spews forth from the crowd that lies with impunity about every Democrat under the sun in order to score political advantage.

P.S. And, yeah, zOMG EVEN THE LIBERAL JON STEWART SAYS REID IS AN ASSHOLE! This is particularly irrelevant for several reasons:

  • Who gives a shit?
  • Jon Stewart isn’t particularly liberal.
  • He ended that particular bit with a long look at all the whackaloon lies that have been invented whole-cloth by just one show on one right-wing TV network, but onward Fox goes without any concern over Jon Stewart’s disapproval.

The only thing of note from Stewart’s segment is the hypocrisy it takes for the right to suddenly pretend that they A) care what Jon Stewart has to say and B) are offended at unsubstantiated accusations being tossed at political figures.


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