let me be the first to say what everyone else has already said

Tonight’s The Newsroom drove home one point above all: Aaron Sorkin’s preachings are far more tolerable when they’re about fictional things rather than when they’re basically more pious sounding regurgitations of stuff lots of other people have already said about real things that happened a year and a half ago. zOMG WHAT IF THEY DIDN’T LET THE DAILY SHOW LADY GO ON TEEVEE AND SAY THE SAME THING ABOUT THE DEBT CEILING DEBATE THAT LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE WERE ALSO TOO SAYING ABOUT THAT SAME THING ALSO ON THE TEEVEE AROUND THAT SAME TIME?????? CAN AMERICA HAVE SURVIVED IN THE PAST? NO!

Sorkin does have a way of repackaging conventional wisdom in ways that he seems to think are bold and interesting, doesn’t he? The heroic Bartlet Administration was very heroic and bold in the way that they usually wound up achieving Villager Consensus by Acting Like Grown-Up Republican Men Despite Being Liberal and Often Female, At Least According to Them. Studio 60 was so self-referential I kept thinking they must have gotten each week’s script by colonoscopy. But at least they weren’t directly rehashing stuff that was actually said about real events and pretending that this is somehow bold or edgy.


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