the real mitt romney?

Listening to Stephanie Miller this morning, she had her former voice guy, Carlos Alazraqui, on, and they got to talking about Mitt, and who the “Real” Mitt is. The quest for the “Real” Mitt is apparently a serious one. Carlos thinks Massachusetts Governor and Reasonable Moderate Republican Mitt is the Real Mitt, which is a theory I see commonly held among my admittedly small and anecdotal circle of commie friends, but which I just don’t get. Why would you assume that the Mitt who you find more likeable is the Real Mitt, and the current one you can’t stand is some phony affect he’s put on for this race? Isn’t the reverse just as likely true? Or, maybe, the Real Mitt is neither of them?

You know who I think the Real Mitt is? This guy:

Hi Mitt!

…but he’s never once tried to run for office as this guy, because this guy couldn’t get elected “douchenozzle of the year” by the American Douchenozzle Society. “I mean, we all respect a good douchenozzle, but this guy just takes it too far,” they’d say.


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