and of course henry the horse dances the waltz

ABOVE: Next Sunday on Meet the Press!

David Gregory’s Weekly Clown Circus and Wacky Fun Time Hour this week featured the kind of fair and balanced panel that one can usually expect in the 21st century right wing apologia that is the Sunday morning talk show. From the right, we had Carly Fiorina and Newt Gingrich, from the back of a cab in New Delhi was The Mustache of Understanding, from David Broder’s musty crypt came Tom Brokaw, and from the pages of the latest middling pop history of presidents past came Doris Kearns Goodwin. On the left, we had Go Fuck Yourself. Or, as Driftglass puts it:

But since, as usual, no Liberal was invited to the party, no one was there to stand up for the Truth: no one there to try to shame David Gregory into doing his damn job, to ask Tom Brokaw why Paul Ryan’s lies ruffle his petticoats but Gingrich’s do not, or to just stuff Fiorian’s lies and Gingrich’s lies back down their throats.

Amazingly, Andrew Kirell at Mediaite looks at this panel and instead of wondering, say, where the fuck the liberals are, wonders “Do Journalists Now Represent The Left On Meet The Press Panel?” I can’t tell you how much I wish I was joking.

The roundtable discussion was not only interesting for its subject matter, but because it begs the question: was the show effectively putting up two journalists (Friedman and Brokaw) as representatives of the left?

I mean, seriously, right? Can you believe that the morons who book MTP thought that a panel that ran the gauntlet all the way from bugfuck crazy right winger to Centrist Cult “journalist” could accurately capture the range of public opinion? No, wait, that wasn’t what you meant?

Conservatives have long accused Brokaw and (to a lesser degree) Friedman of being liberals, but is this panel placement a tacit confession that these journalists represent the left? Neither of them would agree that they represent the liberal viewpoint, but if you take seriously the notion that the show always tries to represent both sides, then this does look curious.

You have got to be kidding me. What’s another possible conclusion that one could draw from the makeup of this panel, one that had lots of supporting evidence in the form of previous MTP panels, MTP’s guest booking tendencies, and the state of Sunday morning talk shows overall? One that didn’t require assuming that two people who are obviously not liberals were on the show as liberals? Oh, right, it’s that there’s no reason whatsoever to “take seriously the notion that the show always tries to represent both sides”!

The tacit confession MTP was making was that Brokaw, Kearns Goodwin, and Friedman were as far left as they were comfortable going this Sunday, thank you very much, and you viewers don’t need to hear from anybody with an actual liberal viewpoint. This says nothing about those three guests and their political leanings, and says a lot about what a freak-show joke MTP is.


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