an apology (unsponsored content)

We all make mistakes from time to time; that’s unavoidable. All we can do is try to own up to them once they’ve been made. Earlier today I made such a mistake when I turned over this blog’s award-eligible space to an advertainitorial from the people behind “TIME CUBE.” In an effort to capitalize on digital advertising, I allowed a piece to be printed here that, although it was marked “Sponsored Content,” otherwise appeared to be no different from the rest of the content I publish here, although to the discerning reader its clarity of thought and organization, and the almost poetic quality of its prose, might have given away that it was not my writing. This was misleading and inappropriate, and also the TIME CUBE guy still hasn’t paid me which, what the hell, dude? But anyway, I’m profoundly sorry and won’t let it happen again; next time I’m demanding payment up front, you know what I mean? To the reader, I abused your good faith in the integrity of this blog and I regret that. However, let’s not lose sight of the true victims here: me, because, again, still haven’t gotten paid; and, to a lesser extent, the actual Time Cube, which really needs a better spokesperson than the dude who does its blog. But mostly me, let’s be clear. So, to the reader, oops, and to myself, I promise never to let this happen to us again.

I have not taken the piece in question down, because posterity must record our errors blah blah blah, but mostly because I’m still hoping to get paid so up it stays.

Your friend,



4 thoughts on “an apology (unsponsored content)

  1. Right, because money is mpre important than something that challenges people to actually use their minds and think for themselves right? Come on brother, I’d rather have an apology for the statement you just made.

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