You get a cookie! Part 2 of ???: Tim Graham

I'm guessing he knows from cookies
Who’s getting a cookie? YOU ARE!
So this happened today:

MSNBC announced that regular political analyst Karen Finney is being given her own show on weekends from 4-5 PM. Tim Graham is a self-described “Media Research Center watchdog,” meaning he helps Brent Bozo Bozell find The Real Racists/Sexists/Bigots in the Lamestream Media. He’s previously compared the press asking a major party presidential candidate some questions about something he said to waterboarding and bravely asked why the media was ignoring the “fact” that Shaka Zulu Obama was coming for all the white wimmins. Apparently he likes his African-American TV personalities like he likes his coffee: black and, uh, really black. So that, you know, the “average viewer” can tell what’s what, wink wink, nudge nudge. So he’s concerned that by describing her as “African-American,” MSNBC is somehow misleading people who think that African-Americans only come in one shade, I guess? Anyway, he later clarified what he was talking about:

uh, wow?
uh, wow?
So, Tim Graham, for taking upon yourself the arduous task of sitting there with a color palette and determining who may and may not be deemed African-American, at great risk of making yourself look stupid, or bigoted, or like a stupid bigot, I award you a cookie. I think it’s just the way you’ll like it:

Not sure if this really qualifies as "chocolate," though, you know what I mean?
Not sure if this really qualifies as “chocolate,” though, you know what I mean?

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