Fear itself

I'm so terrified I just wet my pants! By which I mean I just shot five more guys in the face!
I’m so terrified I just wet my pants! By which I mean I just shot five more guys in the face!

Why do I get the feeling that if Dick Cheney had been elected president in 1932, the quote from his inaugural address would have been something like “We’ve got a ton of things to fear, so let’s get right to it”?

Wallace pointed out that the president had indicated that the war on terror was coming to an end, and wondered if that made it harder to justify the vast NSA surveillance.

“First of all, he’s wrong,” Cheney declared. “It’s not winding down… The threat’s bigger than ever.”

“So, he’s just dead wrong on the status of the threat,” he added. “In terms of credibility, I don’t think he has credibility. And one of the biggest problems we have is we’ve got an important point where the president of the United States ought to be able to stand up and say, ‘This is a righteous program, it’s a good program, it saved American lives, and I support it.'”

“The threat’s bigger than ever.” And tomorrow it will be bigger than it was today. Next year it will be bigger than it was this year. In 10,000 years when the only two living creatures left on the planet are a cockroach and cyborg Dick Cheney (But I repeat myself! Thank you! Tip your waitstaff!), the threat will be unbelievably huge.

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  1. You are a very funny guy . . . forgive me if I skip the word a day feature (too old to learn new things!) but I’ll come back for the funny! Found you via WordPress’ tag feature . . . . I think share a disdain for the cable horror that masquerades as news.

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