Why are we still torturing people?

I mean, we say we’re not torturing the inmates at Guantanamo anymore, but we are definitely force-feeding those who choose to go on hunger strikes. That’s what the above video is about; rapper/actor Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) volunteered to have a force-feeding tube inserted into his stomach to demonstrate what our government is doing to hunger-striking Guantanamo inmates whose weights have dropped to dangerously low levels. It sure looks like torture to me, and Mos Def has the luxury of telling (begging, really) his feeders to stop and having them actually stop, whereas our prisoners have this done to them twice a day whether they like it or not, and they remain in restraints in the feeding chair for up to two hours so that digestion can be confirmed before they’re put in observation for another period of time to ensure they don’t force themselves to vomit (if they do, they go right back in the chair).

I’m sure the video-truthers are already out in force trying to discredit the above as a staged drama rather than a simulation of (the barest minimum of) the real thing, but I’d invite them to try it themselves and see how they react. In the meantime, for the “well, what should we do with all those dangerously dangerous prisoners?” crowd, how about “not this”? How about, in the spirit of American Leadibility, we take some time away from condemning other countries for indefinitely imprisoning and torturing people and figure out how to stop indefinitely imprisoning and torturing people ourselves?


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