The Daily Iraq: July 14, 2013

At least 40 more people dead on Sunday in attacks all over the country:

A series of bombings across Iraq on Sunday left at least 40 people dead and dozens wounded, security officials said.

In recent months Iraq has suffered a surge in attacks, the worst wave of violence in years. So far this month, more than 300 people have been killed, according to the Interior Ministry.

The attacks occurred in Karbala, Kut, Babil, and Falluja, all relatively near Baghdad, and in Nasiriyah and Basra in the south and Mosul in the north. If you take the 371 already killed this month according to Iraq Body Count and add today’s victims, they’re well over 400 deaths for July with the month still not at the halfway mark and the violence actually getting worse. This is a country in serious crisis right now; maybe the fact that this story got some real coverage by the NY Times means the American media is finally starting to pay attention.


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