The Daily Iraq: July 18, 2013

Iraq Body Count figures for July 17: 20 civilians killed

IBC total to-date for July, 2013: 480 civilians killed

Agency France Presse reported that nine Iraqis were killed Thursday in a number of small attacks (five bombings and two shootings) scattered around the country.

Interestingly, while I’ve been relying on Al-Jazeera for most of these Iraq updates, for the past couple of days AJE seems to have been silent despite attacks still taking place. Given Qatar’s commitment to the rebels in Syria and the seemingly closer ties between Syrian and Iraqi jihadis (who are the only ones perpetrating the violence in Iraq at this point), and with questions about Al-Jazeera’s editorial integrity floating around of late, I wonder if AJE was “encouraged” to back off reporting on these attacks every day.

Author: DWD

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