The Daily Iraq: July 19, 2013

Iraq Body Count hasn’t updated yet today.

Al-Jazeera acknowledged Iraq again, reporting Friday that a Sunni mosque in Wajihiyah, northeast of Baghdad, was the target of a terrorist bombing that killed at least 20. No immediate word on who was behind the attack, but it’s likely to have been another attack by Sunni extremists against moderate Sunnis, unless something has changed significantly in this situation (i.e., the Shi’a are starting to retaliate). Along those lines, CNN quotes “a Sunni lawmaker who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity because of security concerns” saying that “[o]ver the past few weeks, many Sunni families fled from their houses in small villages close to Muqdadiya [a Shi’i district near Wajihiyah] because of ongoing threats by Shiite militias.” Now, there’s no particular reason to assume that this anonymous Sunni lawmaker is lying, but there’s also no particular reason to assume that this attack was perpetrated by a Shi’a militia on the basis of vague “threats” when similar attacks have been carried out by Sunni extremists all over the country for weeks now.

Author: DWD

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