The Daily Iraq: July 20, 2013

Iraq Body Count figures for July 19: 36 civilians killed

IBC total to-date for July, 2013: 535 civilians killed

No fewer than seven car bombs struck parts of Baghdad today, part of a series of attacks that killed at least 45 and injured well over 100. The attacks seem to have occurred in Shi’i areas of the city and all happened in the early evening, just as observant Muslims would have been ending their iftar and, if they weren’t already in a restaurant, probably heading out to a cafe or to go shopping. Attacks against Shi’a almost certainly means al-Qaeda and its allied Sunni fundamentalists, and those elements were probably also behind an earlier attack in Baqubah in which a moderate Sunni leader named Bassem Mahmoud was killed by gunmen. Car bombs in Madain and Mosul killed another 5, and two Iraqi police officers were shot and killed, also in Mosul.


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