The Daily Iraq: 23 July 2013

Iraq Body Count figures for July 22: 28 civilians killed

IBC total to-date for July, 2013: 684 civilians killed

Agency France Presse reported another 28 killed on Tuesday in attacks on two Sunni mosques in Kirkuk and one in Baghdad, while a fourth bomb exploded outside the Imam Ali Mosque in Qut, which, despite AFP reporting that these bombs “targeted worshippers gathered for evening prayers at four Sunni mosques,” is likely a Shi’a mosque. Still no reason to think there’s anybody behind these attacks other than Sunni extremists. July is now easily the deadliest month of 2013 in Iraq, and we’ve still got a week to go.

Also, the al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) officially claimed responsibility for Sunday’s prison break at Taji and Abu Graib prisons, although everybody already knew who was behind it.


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