The Daily Iraq: 24 July 2013

Iraq Body Count figures for July 23: 38 civilians killed

IBC total to-date for July, 2013: 722 civilians killed

AP reporting 17 more killed today in multiple attacks. The biggest attack again came around Mosul, whose status as a “disputed” city (with a Sunni Arab majority but in a province claimed by the Kurds) seems to be attracting terrorists, where an assault on a police headquarters in a nearby town killed nine officers.

UPDATE: More violence, this time targeting Shi’i civilians:

Armed men shot dead 14 Shia men after checking their identity papers at a makeshift roadblock, police said.

The killings took place on the main road on Wednesday near Sulaiman Pek, 160km north of the capital, following clashes inside the town between militants and security forces.

“All the victims were Shia tanker drivers who were coming from Baghdad to Kirkuk,” Talib Mohammed, the town’s mayor, told the Reuters news agency. “Militants blocked their way near Sulaiman Pek, checked their IDs and executed them.”

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