The Daily Iraq: 4 August 2013

Iraq Body Count figures for August 3: 29 killed

IBC total to-date for August, 2013: 63 civilians killed

There were at least 15 more deaths Sunday, including at least four killed in a drive-by shooting in Kirkuk and five killed in two separate bombings in Baghdad. A car bombing in Tikrit killed an appellate judge, Sajid ‘Abdul Amir al-Azzawi, but I’m not sure if it was a targeted assassination.

I feel like this is getting repetitive, which is why I’ve been sticking to just relating each day’s attacks unless I really have something else to talk about; if there’s some important news, for example, or Kenneth Pollack offers more of his expertise about invading Iraq again and again until we get it right, then I add some commentary on to the report. Otherwise these daily reports would wind up being a whole lot of “geez this is bad, it could be escalating, we should be concerned” day after day, which really would be hard to read after a while. Why keep doing at all, then? Well, I started writing these because I kept reading reports of violence in Iraq on a daily basis, but only in the foreign media; we here in America have mostly decided to pretend that Iraq doesn’t exist. Even now that the violence has ratcheted up to the point where our media can’t continue to ignore it, it’s presented as international news, something some people in a distant country are doing to each other; it’s “their” problem, you know, and it’s a real shame that “they” keep doing this to each other, right? Well, no. We broke Iraq, and we created the conditions under which this kind of terrorism could flourish there. If the current wave of violence is not our responsibility, exactly, then we’re certainly responsibility-adjacent, and the least we can do is acknowledge that and pay appropriate attention to the story.

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