Смотри! Это русский чае партия!

(“Look! It’s the Russian Tea Party!”)

Imbecilic bigotry crosses cultures and even great political divides (via):

That’s Stephen Fry embarrassing Russian politician Vitaly Milonov, one of the prime figures behind Russia’s criminalization of homosexuality.

Admittedly, when you're All Man like Vitaly here, you don't want any homos hanging around, potentially confusing you, amirite?
Admittedly, when you’re A Real Man like Vitaly here, you don’t want any homos hanging around and potentially confusing you, amirite?

The very-funny Fry, maybe best known as one-half of the comedy team of Fry and Dr. Greg House, produced a documentary that recently aired on the BBC called “Out There,” looking at the struggles still, inexplicably, facing LGBT folks all around the world. This interview was part of the second-part of the program.

I bet Vitaly and Bryan Fischer would be good friends.

"Maybe, but not in no queer way!"
“Maybe, but not in no queer way!”

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