Well, that’s over

Feels like this place has kind of lost the plot lately, and I can offer a partial explanation for that: my wife is one of those folks you might have heard about who’s been furloughed for the past 3 weeks. This has been a mixed blessing; on the one hand, having her home every day was really wonderful, but on the other hand, trying to figure out exactly how long we could sustain a government shutdown before we’d have to go move in with my folks was kind of nerve-wracking. So I haven’t been writing very much because I was enjoying spending time with my wife, but also because it had gotten hard to think about or pay attention to anything but the shutdown. That became especially true this last week as the debt ceiling loomed, both because I was worried about the debt ceiling itself and because I figured that, if we blew through that, then the shutdown could virtually go on indefinitely.

Now that it’s all over, and fully recognizing that our situation could be worse (much worse), I can stop being panicked about living in a zero paycheck household and get back to panicking about living in a one paycheck household. It may not seem like much, but I write better when I’m only freaked out about me not having a steady job as opposed to when I’m freaking out about neither of us having a steady job. So back to a much more pleasant topic, the situation in the…Middle…East…actually, maybe I’ll just go sit outside on a rock for a while.


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