Creeping Sharia Pool Party!

Be careful out there, US Amercians! Fox News is reporting on something we’ve all feared for quite some time: Sharia Law may be in your swimming pool!

This time, Sharia is rearing its head at America’s swimming pools, where America’s Muslim “minority is becoming the majority,” according to Fox’s Heather Nauert. The evidence is that one swimming pool in St. Paul, Minnesota is offering a swimming class to Somali-born girls who now live in the area, and to accommodate the participants’ Muslim beliefs, the pool is closed to men during the one-hour class. “Sharia law is changing everything,” Nauert proclaimed during the brief segment…

The classes are now “starting across the Midwest,” Nauert said before promising that Fox News would “keep watching this story for you.”

Raw Story has video of the segment.

I want to say “this is stupid even by Fox standards,” but for one thing that assumes that Fox has standards (although even they seem to have a better grasp on journalistic ethics than “60 Minutes” lately), and for another thing we all know that it’s only the dumbest thing Fox has run so far this week. Islamophobia is par for the course at Fox, but I’m really struggling to figure out how one YMCA’s voluntary decision to change its pool schedule for an hour (a week? a day?) to accommodate the religious liberty (something Fox seems to value quite highly in other circumstances) of a large local community has anything to do with “Sharia Law.” I haven’t even started to work out how this whole thing has changed the laws of mathematics to make the minority become the majority, or whatever the hell Heather Nauert is talking about.


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