You know, for people who claim to hate Communism so much…

Republicans sure do seem to like the idea of central planning when it suits their fancy:

First off, it seems that the Heritage headline, “You Won’t Believe How Many Food Stamp Recipients Have Attended College,” is a tad misleading, because they aren’t talking about people who finish college, just the number who have attended college, which probably counts your doddering Aunt Helen who “attended” your graduation and gave you that crappy Applebee’s gift certificate you never used.

Folks that have a college degree make up only SEVEN percent of those households on food stamps, which is vastly underrepresenting the 38.7 percent of working-age Americans who hold a 2-or4-year degree. But since when has the Heritage Foundation let little things like facts and data get in the way of a good argument?

So why are a very small percentage of college graduates relying on a government program specifically designed to help in economically difficult times?

Well, one reason might be that some of those attending college are picking the wrong subjects to study.

Damn right! You’re doing college ALL WRONG. We don’t care what kind of fucking precious snowflake you are, put down the bong and get your ass over to the business school and learn how to be the next Jamie Dimon. Seriously, fuck 19th century German literature! That shit is as useless as Rick Santorum’s dick in a room full of lady hookers with uncontrollable libidos.

“Picking the wrong subjects to study”? What the hell does that mean? Are we going to start telling college students what they’re supposed to study?

Probably wouldn't have been allowed to major in art, his true calling.
Probably wouldn’t have been allowed to major in art, his true calling.

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