Channel initials that don’t mean anything anymore

Remember how TLC used to stand for “The Learning Channel,” before they realized that there’s not that much money to be made in TV programs that help people learn things? Now TLC teaches us about families that have lots of babies, and about families that have LOTS of babies, and about families that exploit those babies once they’re a little older. Still has the initials, but they don’t mean anything anymore.

I guess that’s the same thing that’s happened to HLN, which used to stand for “Headline News” but now is apparently a place where white supremacists get to go on TV and celebrate when white people kill black kids. For as much as I have been known to rag on/quixotically offer advice to HLN’s older sibling CNN at times, and I have, CNN is at least somewhat redeemable as a source of laughs or occasionally, and often unintentionally I’ll grant you, genuine news coverage. I can even understand why Fox exists even if I find what it does distasteful (it helps if you understand that they’re not reporting the news so much as performing “The News” for an audience that wants to hear what it wants to hear). But somebody will have to explain to me what redeeming value HLN possesses, because as far as I can tell it’s the cable “news” equivalent of a cesspool.


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