A Primer on Ukraine, my first piece @LobeLog

If you’re wondering why all the sudden self-disclosure, it’s because I just had my first piece of writing published someplace other than on this blog, so it seemed like a good time to have all my worlds collide. I’ve written a primer on the situation in Ukraine for Lobe Log, the US foreign affairs blog for the Inter Press Service News Agency, which is named after founder and IPS Washington bureau chief Jim Lobe. Jim has done a tremendous amount of work over the past few years to uncover the role of the neo-conservative establishment in crafting, often to our and the world’s detriment, American foreign policy. To say that I’m excited to be writing for them and hopefully reaching a wider audience would be a vast understatement. They even gave me an author page, which I thought was pretty nice of them. The piece is here; I can share an excerpt:

On February 27 gunmen seized control of government buildings in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Ukraine and raised a Russian flag over the headquarters of the Crimean Parliament in the regional capital Simferopol. This began a series of events that has resulted in Crimea under Russian control and furious diplomatic efforts underway between Ukraine, the European Union, the United Nations, NATO, Russia, and the United States. This primer will offer some background to the (rapidly changing) events currently taking place in Ukraine and some idea as to where things may proceed from here.

Please go read the whole thing. I tried to be very “just the facts, ma’am” about it.

Author: DWD

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