Fare thee well, Bartcop

Bartcop.com, the product of Oklahoman Terry Coppage, was the first liberal blog I ever read regularly; actually, I’m pretty sure it was the first blog I ever read regularly, and he started it so long ago that I’m not sure anybody really knew what a “blog” was yet. He was the perfect combination of anger and humor to carry a leftie like me through the age of Republican obsession with the whereabouts of the Presidential Private Parts and on into the bleak days of the Bush Trainwreck. Bartcop passed away earlier this week from an infection that was compounded by his battle with leukemia. He will very definitely be missed. Tbogg has a nice tribute to him, and if you read the final message on his site you’ll see a last plea for donations to support his wife, who has a mortgage and medical bills that she just can’t afford. Please give something if you are so inclined.


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