The mote and the beam, Dana Perino-style

This is just wonderful:

Fox’s Dana Perino snapped at co-host Bob Beckel, the show’s token Democrat, after he suggested that the country ought to stay out of the Crimea mess altogether.

“Putin in the Crimea is not a foreign policy for the United States, it’s a foreign policy decision for Russia,” he said.

“How could you possibly say it has nothing to do with us, with the international community? Do you believe there’s no international rule of law?” Perino shot back.

Yes, Beckel is the one taking “a different position on every issue just depending on what it is.”

I look forward to Ms. Perino’s forthcoming mea culpa for the year and a half she spent shilling for an administration that committed the most egregious violation of international law that we’ve seen in my lifetime, outside (possibly) of what happened in the Balkans in the 1990s.


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