Neon lights, Nobel Prize, When a mirror speaks, The reflection lies

We need some music:

Here is a video of a head of state who is totally not a dictator. He is playing hockey, and of all the guys he’s playing hockey with, including former Soviet superstars, he is the best at playing hockey. I don’t want to say he’s the best at playing hockey ever, but he may be. It’s unfair to compare him to other people who have played hockey in the past, because while they’re probably weren’t as good at it as he is, there’s always a chance that they were (they were not). You can see that this head of state is the best hockey player because of the way nobody even tries to defend him or even get anywhere near him, and how the goaltender seems paralyzed, unable to react in time to stop any puck that goes off of our leader’s stick. This is not because they fear some kind of retribution or because they have been told not to tarnish our leader’s public image; why would you even think such things? The reason nobody ever gets near him, and the goalie is almost comically unable to defend against his shots, is because he is the best. Anyway, here is the triumphant video of our leader’s highlights:

That highlight video was helpfully compiled by a completely independent news media station that is owned by the state that our leader is running, but any connection between that fact and the wonderful highlight video that the station compiled is ridiculous. In fact, you seem to be insinuating some very unsavory things about our leader here. I hope I’m just misreading this situation.

"Maybe you take place of horse until you have no more questions, OK?"
“Maybe you take place of horse until you have no more questions, OK?”

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