Cantaloupe Island

It’s been a ridiculous few days. Entertained all weekend, ran around like a maniac yesterday trying to do something about my woefully undermowed (thanks to a broken mower) and sparsely grassed lawn (I hope this Scotts EZ Seed stuff really works), and today I’m trying to get a piece written for Lobe Log when I get a call that the child is sick at school, again. Looks like some kind of stomach bug this time. There’s also this, which shouldn’t surprise me at this point since it happens every year, but it still sucks. On the plus side, Mrs. DWD was supposed to fly to Chicago tonight, but that’s kind of out of the question at this point, so she’s on her way home from the airport. Still, it’s been crazy the last few days and I feel like I’ve been too burnt out to post anything. Hopefully that will turn around soon.

I don’t know where Cantaloupe Island is, but I think I’d like to go there right now, especially if Joe Henderson is there on tenor sax.

UPDATE: And now our electricity is out. Why? Because eff me, I guess.

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