The US government finally decides to get out of the antivax business

It took the murder of a few dozen vaccine workers and probably a couple hundred or so Pakistani kids getting polio in the year two thousand by god fourteen, but the US government has done some deep soul searching and decided that, you know, maybe we shouldn’t let our spy agencies use fake vaccine programs to collect the DNA of the children of suspected terrorists. Or, rather, they decided to stop doing that in August and just never told anybody, I guess, which seems odd since you’d want people to know it was safe to vaccinate their children again.

Of course, this presupposes that anybody can actually believe the assurances of an agency that decided it would be A Good Idea to make parents in hard-to-reach places like Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) start to think that those kindly folks coming around to inoculate their children against preventable childhood diseases might actually be spies. You can’t make a War on Terror an omelet without giving a bunch of kids polio breaking a few eggs, after all.

But they won’t do it again, they promise.

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  1. Thirty years ago the police department in Salt Lake City thought it would be clever to dress up as firemen to deliver warrants in the bad parts of town. Next thing you know, firemen are getting shot and buildings burn to the ground during armed standoffs. It was all rather predictable at the time, and now we see that some people are still unclear on the long term vice short term trade off.

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