GAY ISLAM WATCH: May 20, 2014

My friends, the forces of creeping gay Islamic fascist socialism are always on the march, and so we must be ever vigilant. Today’s update comes from Florida, which is probably to be expected, where intrepid State Representative Charles Van Zant told the patriots assembled at his “Operation Education Conference” that Common Core, and I think we all saw this one coming, is going to turn your kids gay:

This ominous warning came at an anti-Common Core event in March courtesy of Florida State Rep. Charles Van Zant (R). Speaking at the “Operation Education Conference” in Orlando, Van Zant warned that officials implementing Common Core in Florida are “promoting as hard as they can any youth that is interested in the LGBT agenda.”

Their aim, Van Zant warned, was to “attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can.” He then apologized to the crowd for having to be the bearer of bad news. “I really hate to bring you that news,” the Florida Republican said, “but you need to know.”

They want to make every one of your children as homosexual as they possibly can, folks! Let that roll around in your head for a few minutes, really stew in it for a while, and tell me it’s not a terrifying vision of the post-apocalyptic hellscape that awaits us. It’s a very stylish hellscape, sure, but even so.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been warned about Common Core. Rachel Motte, of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, already said that Common Core’s goal is “the promotion of homosexuality,” and Barbour County (Alabama) Tea Party leader Terry Batton explained to state senators that Common Core promotes “acceptance of homosexuality, alternate lifestyles, radical feminism, abortion, illegal immigration and the redistribution of wealth,” and pointed out that voting to adopt Common Core would get them sent to Hell, obviously.

Still, Representative Van Zant should be commended for uncovering and reporting this horrible plot to turn us all gay for some reason.

“See that salad fork over there? No, the one to the left. It’s trying to turn me gay right now, I can feel it. No, it’s not a physical thing, it’s using, like, brain waves and stuff. Damn you, stop questioning me and get it out of here while I still have the strength to resist!”

But Representative Van Zant isn’t the only one on the lookout for gay Muslim plots against our children and our persons. The fine people of Moses Lake (Washington) are getting an education from the patriots at Act! for Islamophobia America, so that they will be prepared for the fight against Islamic Sharia law that is maybe coming to America someday, I guess, if you look at it a certain way:

Those folks in Moses Lake sure are lucky to have Act! for Xenophobia America’s Exalted Grand Cyclops of the Month Chapter Leader of the Year visiting them to teach them all about the Sharia law and such. And a burger and fries for only $14? Wow, what a deal!


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