Unconfirmed reports suggest that it may be safe to be happy in Iran again

I can’t believe I missed this, after I helpfully explained the Iranian method for tamping out all unacceptably interesting internet videos, but apparently Sassan Soleimani, the director of the most scandalous video ever produced, in which Iranian youths of opposite genders danced in the same general vicinity of one another to the tune of Pharrell’s “Happy,” was released a few days ago. Unfortunately he, like the dancers who were released shortly after they were picked up weeks ago, could actually still face charges over, um, whatever it is they are supposed to have done that was so bad.

I note that Rouhani continues to suggest that the mullahs might want to remove stick from behind and allow people some freedom to use social media, and the mullahs effectively continue to tell him to shut up and mind his own business (which is getting sanctions lifted and nothing else). Imagine being elected President of Iran and knowing that, despite your fancy new job, you still have to spend your days taking orders from a bunch of emotionally stunted, repressed geriatrics. Actually, swap the mullahs for Congress and I guess it’s not all that different from being President of the US.

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