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Boy, you really don’t know how much you depend on your news feed until some jerk takes it offline with a DDOS attack. I realize that Feedly is low-hanging fruit, meaning that a DDOS attack can actually hurt them, but can’t you hacker types all try a little harder and take out a serious target instead of picking on these guys?

In all seriousness, I’ve been burning out and not getting enough sleep for days now, so I’m using Feedly’s woes as an excuse to unplug for a little while.

Author: DWD

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  1. Dumb ass script kiddies. I hate the stupid vandals.

    But seriously, the next guy at work who uses ‘low-hanging fruit’ un-ironically will be kicked in the throat. We as a culture have become so obsessed with easy pickings that our ability to do great things has atrophied, I fear beyond repair. Just look at Silicon Valley and the useless trinkets the tech dudebros hawk as Disruptive Innovations worthy of billion dollar buyouts, in the process making us so poor we can’t even afford to build our own bridges and must outsource the Bay Bridge to China.

    1. But seriously, Feedly is low hanging fruit for these hacker types. They don’t have the bandwidth to stay online during a DDOS attack. In fact, they’re so low-hanging that the idea of trying to extort them seems like a waste of time, but what do I know?

      1. You know quite a bit about history and world affairs, which in a well ordered society would count for a great deal. When the vandals are at the gates, of course, things get stood on their heads. I am reminded of the transition from arsenical bronze to stannous bronze on the Pontic Steppes, associated with the contraction of metallurgical sites from widespread village kilns to centralized strongpoints – often characterized by moats and double stockades. Something terrible was happening in the larger civilization while the protodudebros were making their advances.

        I don’t personally know Feedly, but it sounds like the kiddies will soon get bored and turn to something more lucrative – such as literally taking candy from babies.

        As an aside, keep up the good work: I really admire what you do here.

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