I wasted my beautiful mind

I really wasn’t going to read that thing, but I had to see if Zack Beauchamp’s tweet was accurate:

…and it is. It so very, very much is.

This path won’t be easy, but the alternatives are much worse. Doing nothing means we will face a full-scale sectarian war—Syria on steroids—with millions of refugees and tens or hundreds of thousands more dead, along with a massive expansion of Iranian control into southern Iraq and an al Qaeda safe haven stretching from the Tigris to the middle of Syria.

ISIS isn’t Al-Qaeda, and if you don’t know that then you aren’t someone who should be taken seriously when you write and talk about this stuff. If you do know that, but you’re deliberately obfuscating it so as to get your readers to react the way you want, well, then people should be asking why you’d do a thing like that.

Author: DWD

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