From Benghazi 2.0 back to Benghazi 1.0

Step 1: Republicans complain that Obama isn’t doing enough to bring Benghazi perpetrators, especially alleged ringleader Ahmad Abu Khattalah, to justice

Step 2: US special forces (part of the military that, you know, reports to Obama) capture Abu Khattalah

Step 3: Republicans declare that said capture is merely a distraction from the real issues, or complain that Abu Khattalah hasn’t been captured the right way, or wonder why it took so long (SPOILER: it’s because, I guess, the military likes to plan these kinds of missions for some reason?)

STILL TO COME: the complaint that Abu Khattalah is being allowed legal counsel instead of being indefinitely detained and tortured, the complaint that he’s being tried in court instead of being indefinitely detained and tortured, and the complaint that he’s being sentenced to a criminal penalty instead of being indefinitely detained and tortured. And that’s just over the next year or so. Missing in all of this will be any acknowledgement that Abu Khattalah was actually captured, since the Eternal Grievance Machine cannot grift the marks operate without a constant supply of fresh outrage.

At some point I expect that we’ll hear from some Republican or other that Abu Khattalah wasn’t actually involved in the Benghazi attack at all. We’ll learn, first from Alex Jones, then in a swell of coverage on right wing AM radio, and later on Fox News, that Abu Khattalah was unjustly taken into custody by the Obama administration for his staunch advocacy of free market healthcare reforms and limited constitutional governance. There’s an outside chance that known political prisoner Ahmad Abu Khattalah will be asked to speak from prison to the 2016 Republican Convention. God Bless Amercia!

Author: DWD

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