End of Kindergarten, a guest post by EBD

Hey everybody. My daughter, the almost seven year old EBD, just finished kindergarten on Wednesday (thanks, bad winter and Fairfax County’s shocking weather cancellation policies!), and she and I both thought it would be fun for her to write about the whole thing here. Please be kind.

I  am  glad  it  is  the  last  day of  school   ’cause  over  summer  I  am  going   to    summer   S.A.C.C.   and the  beach  and  I   am  a  rising  first  grader.  it  feels  good  to  almost  be  a  first  grader.   I  am  going  to  miss  my  teacher’s   thay  taught   the  class/me  a  lot  of  thing’s  thay   taught  us  how  to  write  thay   taught  us  how  to   read  and  they  taught  us  how  to  be nise  like  not  hit  other  people           thank   you  for  reading   and    have  a  good  summer .      by; EBD

Author: DWD

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