The GOP’s Abu Khattalah 180 continues apace

Although I think he’s hurt his chances by saying that the infamous anti-Islam YouTube video really was a motivating factor in the Benghazi attacks, I still think there’s an outside chance that my long-term prediction about Abu Khattalah’s fate could come true:

At some point I expect that we’ll hear from some Republican or other that Abu Khattalah wasn’t actually involved in the Benghazi attack at all. We’ll learn, first from Alex Jones, then in a swell of coverage on right wing AM radio, and later on Fox News, that Abu Khattalah was unjustly taken into custody by the Obama administration for his staunch advocacy of free market healthcare reforms and limited constitutional governance. There’s an outside chance that known political prisoner Ahmad Abu Khattalah will be asked to speak from prison to the 2016 Republican Convention.

It’s astonishing even by Republican standards that it’s only been a couple of weeks since Abu Khattalah was captured, and already he’s been downgraded in Republican storytelling from “Benghazi mastermind who must be captured and brought to justice OMG OBAMA WTH IS TAKING YOU SO LONG JUST CAPTURE THIS GUY ALREADY” to (literally) “patsy.” At this rate we might even see an attempt to get Abu Khattalah on the 2016 GOP ticket, provided we can clear up the citizenship issues.

Author: DWD

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