Quick hits, 7/8/2014

I’ve been writing for (theoretical) pay all day, but lots of little silly things seem to be happening that are worth pointing and laughing if nothing else:

  • I’m now pretty much convinced that if we could get the Obama administration to publicly come out in favor of depth perception, right-wing nutjobs all around the country would immediately gouge out one eye.
  • This is probably not the smartest thing the EU has ever done, I’m thinking:
  • I’m kind of glad I’ve never eaten at Chop’t (I’m a sweetgreen fanatic, though, Kale Caesar FTW). But seriously, guys, if customers have to unwrap their wraps to make sure you haven’t stuffed a dead mouse in there, then the whole “wrap” thing kind of loses its magic, right?
  • Sarah Palin wants to be on “The View,” because all your highest-level political discourse happens on daytime talk shows.
  • This isn’t so silly, but apparently Freedom Industries, the West Virginia company that fortified everybody’s drinking water with toxic cleaning chemicals in January, costing local businesses over $60 million, is being hit hard with a government fine of…$11,000. Well, they’ll certainly be compelled to build appropriate facilities and implement appropriate safety measures (which will probably cost them a lot more than $11,000) now. You can see how American business is just being crushed by our oppressive regulatory system.

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