Sanctifying life

Hamas, a terrorist organization that is based in Gaza, launches 150 or so rockets into Israeli territory. Very few actually hit anything, and though preliminary reports are not available it’s quite possible that no casualties resulted. Hamas insists that these rocket attacks target only military sites, which is such a lazy effort that it barely even meets the minimum basic standards to be called a lie.

Israel responds by launching a massive air campaign against Gaza, killing 23, some portion of whom may have some ties to Hamas, but who really knows? This is called “a gradual increase in the pressure we are putting on Hamas” by IDF spokesman Peter Lerner, and the 23 dead folks must really be happy that the increase has been so gradual. The IDF presumably thinks that airstrikes deter future ineffective rocket attacks, despite the fact that past airstrikes have never actually stopped the rocket attacks. Or maybe they don’t really care about deterrence, and are just looking for a reason to drop some ordinance on some Palestinians.

Amidst all of this, Benjamin Netanyahu’s more right wing (!) coalition partner, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, announced that he’s taking his Yisrael Beiteinu out of its coalition with Netanyahu’s Likud (though not out of the overall right-wing governing coalition). Why? Because Netanyahu hasn’t killed enough Palestinians to satisfy Lieberman.

Israeli military folks call the periodic indiscriminate strafing of Gaza “mowing the grass.” The Fourth Geneva Convention calls it “a war crime.” One thing we can all agree on: it sure as hell isn’t “sanctifying life.”

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