The upper hand

Thus far Israel’s life-sanctifying campaign against Hamas (if by “Hamas,” you mean “anybody who happens to live in Gaza”) has killed 72 people, and they’re promising to “expand” the campaign in the days ahead.

Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel to provoke exactly the reaction they’re getting, because Hamas cares about civilian life in Gaza about as much as the Israelis do, but they recognize good PR when they see it. America wants both sides to show “restraint,” but come on:

While urging restraint on both sides, the United States has for all intents and purposes endorsed the Israeli military operation.

“We strongly condemn the continuing rocket fire inside of Israel and the deliberate targeting of civilians by terrorist organizations in Gaza,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

“No country can accept rocket fire aimed at civilians, and we support Israel’s right to defend itself against these vicious attack,” he said.

Most people support Israel’s right to defend itself against attack. Now if they could explain how bombing civilian targets in Gaza either prevents future Hamas rocket attacks or punishes past attacks, we’d all really be on to something.

Not helping is, which publishes nonsense like this:

Toe to toe, both Hamas and Israel are seeking the upper hand

No, they’re not. The Palestinians lost any shot at “the upper hand” in 1948 and the imbalance has only grown since then. If we can agree that Hamas is going about the process of resisting occupation in the grossest, most self-defeating manner possible, then surely we can also agree that there is no question who has “the upper hand” when it comes to the Israel-Palestine situation.

One thought on “The upper hand

  1. I have been irked for years that the tragically unavoidable collateral damage of one side’s cyarefully targeted strategic efforts, which only kill hundreds of innocent people, are treated as the precise moral equivalents of the promiscuous broad brush strokes of the other side that rarely hurt anyone much less kill anyone.

    For almost fifty years I have been waiting for the trade of a just peace for long term security, and i despair of seeing it in my life time. Surely people can read history, and are aware of the fates of the crusader states, but there appear to be circles in which this in not considered a convincing argument.

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