Fun with headlines, Al Jazeera edition

A predictable, but still terrible, story out of Iraq:

iraq convert or die

Again, this is disgusting but probably expected. IS is so extremist, they were bound to wind up here eventually. Ideology aside, you can’t assume goodwill on the part of a demagogue who runs what amounts to a religious cult, preaching sacrifice and tradition to his followers while sporting an ~$8000 wristwatch.

Well, headline out of the way, let’s get the details:

iraq or pay tax

Aw, come on Al Jazeera. Is it not awful enough that some crazed wanna-be emperor is talking about reimposing a poll tax on people who don’t practice the Right Faith in the year two thousand and fucking fourteen? Do we have to sensationalize the story on top of that? Because “Convert, die, or pay an extra tax” is not really the same as “Convert or die,” you know?


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