CNN’s Chris Cuomo offers the most damning critique of cable TV ever made

This is so devastating that I almost feel like it’s unfair:

Of New Day, which had its one year anniversary last month, Cuomo admitted it “has to grow, it has to get better,” but he said it’s “a good show that is based on the understanding of taking what matters seriously but not taking ourselves seriously.”

On top of that, he said it is “significantly challenging Morning Joe for the mandate of having the smartest show on cable television, and I want that mantle.”

There you go. Morning Joe is “the smartest show on cable television,” but CNN’s morning show is challenging for the title. If that’s not a reason to get rid of the entire enterprise of cable TV, I don’t know what is.

Note that he does not mention perennial ratings leader Fox & Friends in this equation.

You don’t say?

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  1. People have gone barking mad that Chelsea Clinton has some kind of overpaid job in the tee vee industry, trading on celebrity, yet this is the first I hear of Mario’s son and Andrew’s brother?

    I will simply observe that the apples don’t fall far from the tree, and Bill never (to my knowledge) used the whispering campaign “Vote for Clinton, not the Homo” against a fellow Democrat.

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