In which I disagree with Atrios

Normally I’m down with Atrios’s “Worst Person in the World” selection, but today I have to disagree. John Brennan lies a lot about a lot of important things, and he should probably lose his job for it, but the Worst Person in the World today is the (now former, thankfully) blogger for the Times of Israel who unironically wondered if Israel wouldn’t be morally justified in just wiping out every living soul in Gaza. Second place would go to the other blogger who basically suggested the very same thing, on the very same freaking website.

Apparently the Times of Israel doesn’t edit or moderate its bloggers, which is fine as long as you do a decent job of picking their bloggers in the first place. If you’re not doing that, then you’ve got problems.

UPDATE: I almost forgot that Yochanan Gordon apologized, on the other website where his, um, thoughts appeared. He stressed that he “never intended to call to harm any people” in his blog post musing about the rightness of genocide.

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