Fish have feelings

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m not a vegetarian, though my wife and I are trying to eat less meat both for health reasons and because of the environmental impact. But vegetarians who eat fish for ethical reasons never made sense to me. Eating that way for health reasons makes sense, though we’ve toxified the ocean food chain so much that it doesn’t make as much sense as it used to. But I could never figure out what was more ethical about killing a salmon as opposed to killing cow, unless you thought fish were somehow less intelligent than other animals.

But increasingly we know that’s simply not true. As people start to learn that fish are just as capable of thinking and feeling as most land animals, it will be interesting to see if it changes dietary habits or increases the demand for “humanely-raised” fish, the seafood version of free-range chicken or pasture-raised cattle. Especially interesting to watch as environmental concerns with respect to overfishing, but also of fish farms, are becoming widely known.

“I know what you’ve been doing to my pals”

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