From the “comebacks that don’t make any sense” file

Kaili Joy Gray at Wonkette celebrates disgraced racist Pat Buchanan’s return to MSNBC:

But MSNBC has fallen off the wagon and gone on a major bender, because Pat is back to pimp his newest book, Why I’d Still Get On My Knees And Fellate My Hero Richard Nixon If I Could, and the “Morning Joe” team couldn’t be happier, because they had all the sads and thought it was very wrong when Buchanan was suspended in the first place. Pat was a “friend,” you see, and “a member of the family,” like that crazy racist uncle who sends you illiterate conspiracy theory emails and probably also touched you under the dinner table when you were a kid.

It would break the internet, as well as our souls, to even attempt to catalogue Pat Buchanan worst-kind-of-scum credentials, but in case your memory is a little rusty (lucky you), let’s review some highlights:

Go read the highlights. My question is: why? When was the last time Pat Buchanan was relevant to the political conversation? 1992, maybe? Was he ever, really? His recent Nixon biography, if we go by Amazon charts, isn’t exactly rocketing to the top; it doesn’t crack their top 20 biographies in sales, which is so difficult an accomplishment that a freaking tell-all about Kate Gosselin is in there. Outside maybe of the collection of sad clowns who regularly sit around the “Morning Joe” table, does anybody at MSNBC or watching MSNBC actually care what Pat Buchanan has to say about anything? Did anybody wake up this morning and think, “Oh God, I hope somebody is interviewing Pat Buchanan today, because I’ve really missed his hot takes on America lo these past couple of years”? I don’t even think Pat Buchanan much cares what comes out of Pat Buchanan’s mouth these days, so long as he can score a fat book advance from his wingnut sinecure publishing house whenever the money starts to run low.

I keep waiting for the Iraq War cheerleaders to suffer some kind of professional setback for their complete failure to measure up to even the minimal standards of competent punditry, but Pat Buchanan is living proof that there is actually never a true setback for the established pundit. You can discredit yourself over and over again and still find a home back on teevee sharing your Very Important Thoughts.

ABOVE: a Holocaust denier who somehow still gets paid lots of money to write books and goes on television for reasons other than to be publicly humiliated

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