So about arming the Syrian rebels…

Here’s one argument against supplying John McCain’s best good friends with advanced weapons, like MANPADS, that could obviously be repurposed against Western targets by an extremist/terrorist group: we can’t keep track of our shit. Specifically, we can’t keep track of the almost 750,000 small arms we’ve sent to Afghanistan since 2004, to the tune of $626 million. How could something like this happen, you ask? Well, turns out that the system we were using to track weapons shipments from the US and the system we were using to track receipt of weapons in Afghanistan were two completely different systems that never interfaced with one another. Now, I’m no supply chain expert, but this seems like a pretty basic error, no?

Because accounts payable and accounts receivable weren’t speaking with one another, we’ve sent more weapons to Afghanistan than we were supposed to, and we have no idea where a couple hundred thousand of them, give or take, actually are. The Afghan weapons tracking system is of course no help in trying to verify information, because we’ve only been nation building there for an entire decade now so how could we expect anything we’ve been working on to actually be operational by now? Did some of these weapons wind up in the hands of people using them to try to kill our soldiers or terrorize Afghan civilians? Who knows?

Now, if we can’t even manage to keep track of small arms being sent to a country that our military has been occupying, what are the chances that we’ll be able to keep track of shipments of more expensive, potentially more lethal weapons to a specific faction of a rebellion in a country where we have no presence whatsoever?

"Hooo, boy, anti-aircraft missiles? Well, um, I, er, they were just here..."
“Hooo, boy, anti-aircraft missiles? Well, um, I, er, they were just here…”

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