Seriously, though, what the hell is wrong with Ann Coulter?

I probably throw the word “sociopath” around too often, though I really do think it’s a lot more prevalent among our elites than we’d like to think. But what do you call the things that come out of Ann Coulter’s mind? They’re beyond sociopathic, so…depraved? Sadistic?

She’s at her worst in her most recent screed. And let me tell you, Ann Coulter’s “worst” is like a freaking nightmare:

In her syndicated column Wednesday, conservative columnist Ann Coulter called the American doctor infected with Ebola and now receiving treatment in Atlanta a prime example of “Christian narcissism.”

In the column, titled “Ebola Doc’s Condition Downgraded To ‘Idiotic,’” Coulter called Dr. Kent Brantly’s humanitarian work in Liberia nothing more than the efforts of an ego-driven Christian and “the first real-world demonstration of the economics of Obamacare.”

There’s a link to the piece up there in that excerpt, but I feel like I should spare you reading the whole thing and just give you this taste:

I’m as serious as I get here: what is wrong with Ann Coulter?

6 thoughts on “Seriously, though, what the hell is wrong with Ann Coulter?

  1. The more I read her (which isn’t exactly often because she’s irrelevant and utterly malicious and incendiary) the more I’m convinced she’s just a really highly-paid troll. For the sake of believing she might have a shred of actual humanity, I like to think she doesn’t actually believe what she says. She just spews the worst things she can think of so she can sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

    1. I think that’s mostly true, which (combined with the fact that she’s largely irrelevant to anything) is why I never write about her here. But even assuming she’s trolling, she still had to write the piece, which means her brain must be capable of conjuring up these thoughts, which means there’s still something profoundly wrong with her.

      1. Indeed. It takes a certain kind of malice to be able to come up with the stuff that she says. She is one of the worst trolls I’ve ever seen or heard, ever. And she doesn’t give a crap about anyone whatsoever. I find her equal parts morbidly fascinating and stomach-turningly vile.

  2. She is a delusional, racist, prejudiced bitch. Isn’t it obvious? She is literally trolling yall. The only reason she’s somewhat wealthy and famous is because she writes books that have a biased American supremacy view. I honestly think she’s low-key involved with the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, Neo Nazis, and/or any or every racist group there is in America. She is the reason America and white people as a whole look bad. She hates on immigrants AKA the very foundation of what makes this country unique. Can we please kick this bitch out of my, no, OUR country??

  3. I never liked calling a woman a Bitch, but in her case, that seems a fitting, albeit for her, an impotent word. She is more like a bedraggled Hag hunched over her caldron, stirring furiously, so the hate doesn’t settle on just one object of her disdain–it must splash furiously on every group she despises.

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