Free advice for Governor Nixon

While you’re busy calling out the Missouri National Guard to Ferguson, to assist local and state police officers with such important duties as tear gassing children and threatening to shoot reporters, maybe you should put some thought into, I don’t know, finding and arresting Darren Wilson? You remember Officer Wilson, don’t you? He’s the Ferguson cop who shot 18 year old Michael Brown six (6) times, including two (2) times in the head, for reasons that are still, oh, let’s say “unclear,” and that’s what got this mess started. I realize you don’t want to rush to judgment on Officer Wilson’s case, at least not before your people have had a chance to defame the victim, to blame the unfortunate episode on the demon weed, and to suggest that Brown was shot through the top of his head because he was charging Wilson like a fucking rhinoceros (that last one is especially brilliant, by the way). However, generally speaking when a person shoots another person six (6) separate times, killing them, the person who did the shooting is arrested, or, I don’t know, at least asked a couple of goddamn official questions about the whole affair. I’m no expert on crime-solving or crowd control, but this seems like a sensible Thing you could do that would maybe help quell the anger in Ferguson more than brutalizing the protesters some more.


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