Taking a break

I’ll be on vacation this week at least from heavy writing, if not from reading/watching the damn news altogether. Not doing anything exciting, just stepping away for a bit to recharge. Posting should resume sometime around Labor Day.

This site is in the midst of its best month ever. I started this blog in July 2012 on Blogger, as a way to do something other than obsess over how I was unhappy doing what I was doing, and also because the election was coming up and while I wasn’t as pro-Obama as I had been in 2008, I was really not looking forward to a President Mitt “Mitt” Romney. I moved it over to WordPress that August for reasons that are now forgotten, and that month I got a grand total of 45 views (the next month I got 24, so actually 45 was kind of a high water mark). Last August I had almost 600 views for the month, which I took to be a great achievement. This August, this place has already topped 3100 views for the month and there’s still a week to go. That’s miniscule in the big scheme of blogs, but from where we started it seems like a pretty nice growth rate to me (though admittedly a steady gig would still be better…).

You readers are on pace to make this the best month this blog has ever seen, which makes me reluctant to break up that momentum for vacation, and yet the vacation is needed. My experimental solution is to try blogging-light for a week, mostly linking to interesting writing I see with minimal added content from yours truly. Basically nothing I can’t do from an iPad. I’m also hoping people will read my Islamic History Series while I’m away, if they’re interested in that sort of thing, because those posts are more timeless than most of the other stuff I do around here. Also, using the history tag will get you to a bunch of pieces that can be read whenever, and hopefully you’ll find something you like in there.

As always, thanks for reading and helping to grow this place so far beyond its very modest roots. Please keep coming back, and maybe commenting sometimes too?

Here is a picture of kittens. I believe these sorts of images carry some special currency in the world of online. Please enjoy it as a token of my gratitude.

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