Imagine if this roll of aluminum foil were actually a delicious steak dinner!

Reihan Salam is hoping that a hypothetical 2016 campaign would finally let “Mitt” be, um, “Mitt” (?):

Imagine if Romney, having been caricatured as a cat’s-paw of the Wall Street overclass, decided to rail against the outsize power of the megabanks and in favor of a more competitive and inclusive capitalism. If we let Romney be Romney, we might find the populist the party needs.

This seems too limited to me. If we’re imagining a totally fictionalized version of “Mitt” Romney, why not have him fight crime every night? Give him a couple of cool super powers, a good superhero name (Blandman? “Mitt”?), and then you’d really have a strong candidate.

Known super powers: absurdly vast amounts of money, the ability to seem completely insincere regardless of circumstances

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