The GOP outreach to women for September 3, 2014

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) responds to Kirsten Gillibrand’s tales of sexism in the World’s Worst Deliberative Body by noting that, hey, no old male senator ever squeezed his waist and told him not to lose too much weight because “I like my girls chubby”:

“It’s actually a pretty collegial place,” Johnson said in an interview on NewsmaxTV. “Pretty professional. I have never seen that type of behavior. That’s all I can say. That’s been my experience.”

Well, gosh and golly and gee freakin’ whiz, Senator. Guess your whopping three-and-a-half years in the Senate certainly trumps Gillibrand’s experience of her own experience in the Senate. Besides, it’s not like you were even there that time Republican Sen. Bob Packwood was sexually harassing and assaulting some lady staffers, ALLEGEDLY (even though he wrote about it in his own diary; that makes it more like ACTUALLY). Clearly, that does not count either.

I can feel the gender gap closing even as I type these words.

“Also, nobody ever called me ‘porky’ after my wife had any of our three children, so that probably didn’t happen either.”

Author: DWD

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