You know what? Just bring on the meteor

This is pretty much the last straw:

According to the Billings Gazette, heavy rains late last month in Idaho and Montana—the nation’s two largest malt-barley producing states—caused much of the unharvested barley still in the field to sprout, rendering it useless except as animal feed.

That means that the price of beer will likely rise in 2015 (nobody is sure on how much) as brewers big and small pay more for a dwindling supply of usable malt barley.

Thanks a lot, rain. (Rain?)

Is it his fault?

There are millions of people, including farmers, who desperately need you in California, but NOOOO, you have to ruin everybody’s beer. Nice job, rain, you jerk.


Author: DWD

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  1. D’oh! I didn’t get the joke at first because I don’t think of him as “Rain” – but he does look just like Son.

    Anyway, I have enough Munich malt stacked up down in the basement that me & my friends will survive on home brew until the harvest. Speaking of which, the hops came in earlier in the week: Centennial, Cascade, and Saaz – the most noble of noble hops.

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