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Why is it that when large organizations like sports teams are in a position where they have to “allow the judicial process to move forward,” they always seem to allow it to move forward in the most advantageous possible way for the organization?

I mean, look, the judicial process could move forward just as effectively without letting Adrian Peterson back on the field just a week after he was arrested for beating the hell out of his four year old child, couldn’t it? There’s nothing about Peterson’s presence or absence from this week’s TBI CTE NFL extravaganza that will influence the proceedings in any way, is there? So, really, there’s no reason to read “allow the judicial process to move forward” as anything other than “we got creamed last week and we’d really like to get our best player back on the field as soon as possible,” is there?

After all, if the Vikings lose again, this guy might stuff leaves in their mouths and beat them with a stick.

And yeah, I know, Ray Rice had the hammer brought down on him, but the fact of the matter is that the league and the Ravens (who, let’s never forget, somehow got the woman he KOed to apologize for her “role” in the incident) tried to skate by on his case as well, and only really punished him after the PR mess became too big.

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